Why use MyVineyard?

MyVineyard is built for the Vineyard family of churches, by the Vineyard Church

There are many church management systems (software) available today, some for free others very expensive.

 Why use MyVineyard?

  1. This has a denominational structure, where you can view and communicate with all members at a National, Regional, District and Conference level.
  2. This uses Vineyard language! The members' titles, church structures and systems are all laid out specifically for Methodists for a Methodist System.
  3. It is affordable at a very low cost, because it is developed and maintained by a set of Non Profit Companies all connected to the Denominations.
  4. It has dedicated support staff so you have direct contact with the marketer and developer, with whom you can give input for new features and reports at no extra cost.
  5. It saves money, because our mobile App (that comes with the system to allow you to send push notifications to your members) is FREE, and so you save on SMS costs.
  6. It is under ongoing development, as more congregations use the system, so there are more requests for new features and these will be added. Once we have developed a new requested feature it becomes available for all uses, so we are all developing OUR Church Management System together.
  7. It has an integrated financial system, allowing for the capturing of pledges and pledge payments. As well as running the parish books which are instantly reported to the diocese.


Portals for:
1. The National Level
2. The Regional Level
4. The Congregation
5. Organisations
6. Church Groups

The "National and Regional level" portals

At this level you can see an overview of the membership, including

  • Number of active members
  • Average age of members
  • Female/male ratio
  • Home language ratio
  • Number of members with disabilities
  • Age graph
  • Church status ratios
  • Number of members per parish
  • Individual society overview
  • Pastor overview

There are 2 mailing lists systems for bulk e-mail and push notification

  1. Everyone
    Communicate with all members of your Nationally or Regionally by e-mail or message (push notification) using different mailing lists. Members can unsubscribe from various forms of communication as they wish. You can also send to certain age categories as well.
  2. Groups
    Create groups for communication including members in the system or "friends" where all you need is their name and e-mail address.

Maintain your clergy records

  • Where pastors are serving
  • Overview of pastor, e.g. male / female ration
  • See clergy birthdays
  • Lots of other records are being developed

Monitor service records in almost real time, if all parishes enter their Sunday service records on the Monday morning by Tuesday the Bishop or Superintendent will know how many people were in church that Sunday. A trend graph is produced which helps to know if you are growing in numbers or not.


Congregation’s portals

Maintain your congregation's roll by keep records of members details

Reports on members

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Suburbs
  • Occupations
  • Active & non-active members

Overview of members in the parish

  • Number of active members
  • Average age of members
  • Female/male ratio
  • Home language ratio
  • Number of members with disabilities
  • Age graph
  • Church status ratios

Create mailing lists for communication by bulk e-mail or push notification to all members, you can select age groups as well.  Members can unsubscribe from mailing lists.

Setup groups for communication at a micro level and grant members of that group access to their membership only.

Keep your service register up-to-date, with trend graphs so you can monitor service attendance easily.